New york fashion week diary: Day 1

NYFW in winter is a totally different vibe to what its like in September. Each season has its own charm. In September its warm, the plaza is filled with bright colors and short skirts and there is an event or party at every turn. February brings chilly days, lot’s of creative layering and a shortage of empty cabs. But what I like about winter is that fact there is more huddling with friends in the tents, in restaurants and in hotel rooms. Wether you are chatting over a mug hot coco or a glass of wine, the cold brings everyone together to catch up, bond, oh! and talk about fashion.

Day 1 was cold, but not nearly as cold as the freeze that the blizzard brought on day two. So it was still easy to get around, a few layers would suffice and it you didn’t feel the pain of the ice falling from the sky hitting your face at a great speed. I was so happy to meet up with my friends the tents and we spent a fun day together attending shows, taking photos and finally making time to eat. There is something about fashion week that makes you disregard doing daily necessary things, like eating, sitting down and sleeping. But its all part of the experience, along with abusing your feet in heels, celeb spotting and getting to see your favorite designers new creations in the flesh.

Here is a photo diary from day one, fashion show and event photos and a silly outfit post coming soon. Follow me on Twitter @cheraleelyle & Instagram @cheraleelyle for live pics and quotes from inside fashion week.

Click each girls names to check out their blogs: Sara, Carlis & Katya, Natalie & Erika, Jamie, Meg.


  1. 09/02/2013 / 10:04 PM

    I love the shot of Jamie! 🙂

  2. Alivilla
    19/02/2013 / 10:37 PM

    So cozy and fun! You look so Madeline chic I loveeee!