This blog, named after the the beloved street I grew up on in South Africa is aimed to be an online destination for style musings, creative inspiration, beauty stories and behind the brand features. Plus a weekly dose of the best spots to explore in NYC.

Here’s 5 facts about me so I feel like less of a stranger:

  1. I am from Cape Town, South Africa but now live in Brooklyn, New York. And I love it!
  2. I am a full time blogger, photographer and content creator.
  3. I eat out way too much! I would much rather try a new cafe then spend my money on a mani/pedi.
  4. I love style that makes a statement without making a fuss.
  5. I am a beauty product hoarder. But I cant stop, I need to try every new face mask on the market! And no 2 red lipsticks are the same, so my collection keeps growing.

Thanks for stopping by to my little corner of the internet, please feel free to email me at cheralee@ascotroad.com

XOXO Cheralee