Born in South Africa, Cheralee Lyle invested in her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog full-time when she moved to New York City in 2015. Since then, Cheralee’s audience on digital and social platforms has reached hundreds of thousands of followers. The community she has built turns to her not just for style inspiration, but for daily motivation and actionable lifestyle tips—from home decor to cocktail recipes to conquering real-life challenges that reveal more than just the highlight reel.

Cheralee provides sincere support to her audience in an effort to make each of her followers feel less alone, especially during the recent quarantine the world experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Cheralee created the Cheers with Cheralee happy hour, giving followers around the world a place to meet, connect, and share experiences. It was a weekly reminder that we are all weathering the same storm, just in different boats. Though it was born during quarantine, Cheers with Cheralee was brought back after popular demand to a weekly segment featuring themed cocktail recipes for her followers to join in on the fun.

Cheralee’s mission is to empower her audience and encourage them to find joy in the little things, practice self-care, and “cheers” to personal victories, no matter how small.

Email me anytime at hicheralee@gmail.com