After going on my long rant about the The Undoing finale on my IG stories this weekend, I got a few people asking me for more TV recommendations, as I am clearly so passionate about it (yes, TV is my life now). So I put together a little list of what I have been watching that’s relatively new to TV. There will be a December list coming soon. Catch up on these shows in the meantime…

The Undoing (HBO)

Named one of the best TV shows for 2020, this murder mystery takes place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, with parts played exquisitely well by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. The finale was just on Sunday, so you can binge watch it all in one sitting now. 

RUN (Hulu)

If you are in the mood to keep you on the edge of your seat (or your couch) watch this. The movie starts out showing what seems like a very sweet mother/daughter relationship, but as the daughter becomes increasingly suspicious of her mother and what dark secrets she may be keeping, you will too. 

A Teacher (FX)

A seemingly slow moving but quick to go wrong drama about a young pretty teacher who begins to have an inappropriate relationship with an impressionable student of hers. 

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

Almost everyone I know has seen it, and for a reason. The Queen’s Gambit follows the interesting life of Beth Harmon, an orphan chess prodigy. But the story holds so much more than just chess games. 

Murder on Middle Beach (HBO)

A new four part documentary series that follow’s a sons tough and complicated journey to solve a crime within his own formerly wealthy, Connecticut family. The murder of his own mother.

The Crown – Season 4 (Netflix) 

The Crown mostly has avoided going into the Royal Family scandals, but in the new season they go into the Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. 

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Bravo)

All Bravoholics like me have been waiting for the SLC franchise to come since Andy Cohen announced it! The new cast is full of characters with big personalities and crazy personal styles. And they have just started getting into the drama so it’s a great time to tune in. 

Gangs of London (Amazon Prime)

If you are a fan of British gangster flicks, you will love this show about a London crime family in search of who murdered their father, the kingpin. Warning, like most British gangster movies, there is violence. 

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)

A new show on HBO Max that I have on my list! I few of you told me to watch it after The Undoing so I am starting the murder mystery tonight. 

Let me know what you are watching!