This outfit was what I wore on the last day of my crazy week at New York Fashion Week. I got pretty excited when I found this vintage sequin DKNY baseball top at Via Gypset. Finally, a sporty look I can get into. I wore it with my custom-made-just-for-me (incredible) statement piece from Lindsay of Distinguished Designs. She has created the most amazing jewelry for me, no one can put the perfect elements together like her (thank you Lindsay)! I kept the rest of the outfit simple with black tights & Dolce Vita boots that go with everything.

Running all over town, I’ve never worn something that been such a hit uptown and downtown. From manhattan socialites, to a subway street performer to downtown’s cool kids. I love how one piece of clothing can appeal to so any different kinds of people. Isn’t fashion just great?

Thank you to two amazing photographers for snapping this outfit. Photographer names & links bellow, check out their sites!

Jonghyuk Lee

Justin Amoafo

One of the best things about NYFW is meeting new creative people, Justin was one of those people for me this season. At only 16, he was one of the freshest and best dressed photographers out on the plaza. I love Justin’s stylish but real photographs of New York City. Visit his site here.