R+Co Review


If I can safely say I have learned one thing about styling my hair in the past year, is that next day (or even the next… or next) is the ideal state for styling. It is so much easier to manage, less frizzy and just looks better. So naturally I love products that help me prolong that time in between washes and make my hair look good.

Enter, R+Co. I was first drawn to their amazing eye-catching packaging but have stuck around for the perfectly tousled texture their products create. My top 3 faves from their line are;

Death Valley Dry Shampoo
A super duper fast working dry shampoo for adding some quick body to your hair.

Outer Space Flexible Hold Hairspray
A workable hairspray that leaves no annoying build up.

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste
A part dry shampoo, part styling paste that gives your roots an instant matte texture, perfect for the morning after when you have 5 mins before you have to run out the door.

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