NYFW Day 2: Inside & Outside the tents

The scene on the plaza was pretty funny the morning after the snow, men driving big snow plagues try not to hit ladies posing for street style photographers. The drivers were just shaking their heads at either the whole concept of “street style” photography or the fact that there were some CRAZY women dressed in next to nothing, some in strappy shoes while it was freezing outside. All for the love of fashion I guess! I spent this day with my amazing friend Sara, it’s becoming a tradition for us to go to certain shows together each season, which I love! Sara is the perfect person to hustle better seats with, spot celebs and “oohhh and aaahh” to the pretty things coming down the runway. Thanks for taking pics Sara!

I wore this luxe vintage brocade jacket that was given to me as a special gift with not one but TWO turtle necks undersneath, a Topshop basic skater skirt and an awesome black and gold rope necklace c/o Charm Georgetown. Double layers (even my tights are doubled) and my vintage leather gloves kept me about as warm as I could have been on the day after “Nemo”. But no complaints here! As a South African I still get very excited by snow and its magical appearance (see picture 3).

*Fashion Naps are very necessary! Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Lounge for letting me escape the fashion week madness in your cosy oasis up above. I was either enjoying the coffee (+ champagne) in the morning or taking a cap nap in the afternoon in between shows.


  1. Alivilla
    19/02/2013 / 10:50 PM

    Ooooo you look so classy! Love it and love ur hair! Your perfecttttt