When I was in my teens, it would be very rare to see me without my journal in hand. I was a bit of a loner to be honest and was very introspective, full of teenage hormones. I used to get very stressed out and journaling about my feelings and dreams of future plans helped me so much.

Fast forward through my 20s, and I stopped journaling. My last entry was on the first day I visited NYC. How I wish I kept up with journaling when I moved to America, I would love to go back and read my perspective then, and see how much I have grown.

Since all the major changes that the world has faced and is facing in 2020, my mind has been overwhelmed to say the least. So after seeing it all over Instagram, I decided to order THE FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL.

Which has been my favorite purchase of quarantine. The journal gives you daily guided gratitude prompts, so you dont even have to think that much. Just answer the one page of short questions. Focusing on that I am grateful for as helped me immensely during this time.

If you are interested, you can shop The Five Minute Journal here. I also linked a few other cute journals bellow. Journal’s dont have to be cute for you to write in them, but I find it helps šŸ™‚

I would love to know if you journal and if it helps your mindset?