Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer


I am always down to try the hot new beauty product, thats why I was so excited to test out the innovative Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer. I had never used a hair styling tool with high tech infra red and was so curious to see the benefits!

The Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer is unique as it uses infrared light to gently but effectively heat your hair. Most hair dryers just heat up the surface of your hair, which is so damaging. But the Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer heats deep inside the hair cuticle, decreasing drying time by half. Besides making your blow out go faster, it eliminates the risk of burns, hot sports and damage by distributing the heat evenly.

As for usability, I would say the dryer is a little heavier than other hair dryers I have had in the past, but it dries your hair SO much faster, so its not a pain. I love the sleek black design and packaging.

When we think of investing in hair tools, we usually gravitate towards buying more expensive flat irons or curling wands, but buying a good hair dryer that will not damage your hair is just as, if not more important. The effect of using this hair dryer really impressed me, I came away with shiny, smooth hair in such a short amount of time. It made styling so easy!

To check out more about Jose Eber products visit their site here.
And they are giving you 25% off your purchase with the code “CHERALEE25” Happy shopping!

XOXO Cheralee


Product Features:

  • Offered with both a wide and narrow nozzle attachment for greater styling
  • Ergonomic comfort grip for maximum control and easier handling.
  • True far infrared light infuses the heat inside of the cuticle and not on the surface of the hair shaft, decreasing drying time by 50%.
  • Blue, ultra violet light provides antimicrobial properties that prevent buildup and bacteria, deodorizing and refreshing hair during styling.
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.



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