DSC_0078Everyone knows that feeling, when you get your hair done at the salon- it looks amazing and then you get home, wash your hair and you can never get that perfect look back. Well this is where Blu Dry’s new line of products come in. With a little instruction from a stylist and the right tools from this range of top quality brushes and professional hair dryer you can really recreate the “just stepped out of the salon” look at home.

Since cutting my hair short I have had to learn how to do a little round brush action to get my hair looking good in the mornings, I was kind of battling for a while but after receiving the Blu Dry range it hit me that the cheap brush I had been using (for years) and hair dryer from CVS were not only damaging my hair but making styling very difficult.

The tools are super durable but also light and have the best names like “The Get Me Bodied Brush” and “The Smooth Operator”¬†which have my singing when I pick them up to style. Bellow is a little step by step to show you how I use some of the tools from the Blu Dry range on a daily basis.

DSC_0022*Expert tip on how often to buy new brushes from hair genius Nadine Matar at PR K Street:
“A good brush can last for years, but depends on quality, how well you take care of them and how often you use them. Round brush rule: If you cant establish tension, its time for a new one”


Step 1/
When my hair is damp I grab the “Rock Your Body” round brush, curl the ends of my hair around the brush and twist toward the root, creating tension.


Step 2/
Then I use the Ionic Ultra Power Pro Dryer to dry the section I have curled around the brush, drying and pulling the brush down my hair and turning inward at the same time. From the root of your hair slide dryer down at a slant, evenly distributing heat- as you would do with a flat iron. Then flip the section over and repeat on the other side, this locks in the shine.

Repeat until dry and smooth. Use the nozzle for better air direction.


Step 3/
To get a little volume in the back, take the section of your hair at the crown of your head, wrap it around the brush and add air underneath. Do this section last.



Step 4/
Then I use “The Smooth Operator” brush to smooth it all out- this is my favorite brush of all time. I didnt even know I could love a hair brush this much. I use this one everyday morning and night, it detangles and legit makes your hair look smooth and shiny! I honestly recommend all of the Blu Dry products in this range but if you are looking for a starter brush I would recommend this one for daily styling.

To purchase the Blu Dry tools or experience a Blu Dry lesson see here for a list of PR at Partners salon locations.

*Disclaimer: I received these products for review but all opinions are strictly my own