Hi all! You may or may not have noticed that my blog has been down for a little while. It was all due to domain and hosting issues that have just been resolved. But yes I did have a momentary mental breakdown at the thought of everything from the past year being lost, a blog can act as a sort-of travel/style/life journal that can be really fun and useful to look back on. But everything is back and running normally- yay! I’ve got lots of new photography projects and fun things to do in NYC and DC coming up, so stay tuned. PS. Thanks to everyone who texted, tweeted and emailed me asking me about my blog, its nice to know people care XO.

I leave you with pics of myself, in the country, hanging with possibly the best thrifting find that my friend Ali and I found last year, the most amazing cat and kitten pillow that chills on the backseat of her car.