DETAILS: Vinatge Lace Top via Ebay/ American Apparel Jeans/ Vintage hat via Crossroads Trading/ South African market beaded bracelets/ Dubsy Lee Clutch

I am loving the indie brand Dubsy Lee thats Etsy Store sells the coolest lazer cut accessories! Thank you so much to the designer of Dubsy Lee, Cindy who sent me this awesome red clutch. I took the opportunity to ask her for the low down on her brand…

“My background is in architecture where I received both my Bachelors and Masters Degree in Architecture. After I graduated, I moved to a small town in SouthWestern Utah where I worked for a non-profit that designs and builds houses on the Navajo Indian Reservation ( It was here that I learned the process of design and construction.  After doing this for 3 years, I quit the non-profit to work in a professional architecture firm where I continue to work today. On the side, I traded in my tool belt and power tools for a sewing machine and laser cutter and began designing and constructing handbags and accessaries. My hopes are to create progressive and edgy designs that differ from traditional handbags. I laser cut patterns into the leather (my favorite material), to make each piece original and unique. I love the idea of marrying digital fabrication with traditional sewing. I absolutely love sewing, whether it be handbags or my own wardrobe. My patterns are influenced by the tribal aesthetics of the desert southwest with a strong presence of geometry and symmetry. dubsyLEE is an extension of DubsyDesign, a small design firm created by my boyfriend and I.  Additional to fashion, we focus on film, set design, graphic design and architecture.


  1. 12/11/2013 / 2:47 AM

    love the outfit and such a cute little fox ring!