Summer is here and all I want is to wear pretty maxi dresses and for my hair to permanently look like I may or may not be on a beach vacation. You know, that perfect relaxed beachy wave. Hair that looks naturally bouncy, when you in actual fact slaved over it infront of the bathroom mirror… Well I have got it down to a fine art, 15mins and I am done! It may seem simple or obvious to some but for a thick but frizzy straight haired gal like me, I need to do these exact steps or I end up with Shirley Temple pageant ringlets or curls that fall out after an hour.

Its not magic that produces these waves, but close to it, the GHD styler. GHD is one of those brands that I will be brand loyal to for life, purely for their excellent quality and premier design. I got my first GHD styler 6 years ago, and I have only just this year moved onto a new one, the insanely gorgeous GHD Wonderland 1″ Styler. It shines in a spectrum of blues, purples and greens with a pretty iridescent glow.

Click more to see a step by step guide!


Start with your hair in its natural state- preferably total untouched, air dried and brushed.

 STEP 2:
Divide your hair into 2 layers and put the top half up in a bun.
When the GHD Styler has heated up take a section of hair a few inches wide and begin to curl from about half way down.
You curl with a flat iron by clamping down on the section and rotating the styler down the hair instead of sliding all the way down.
(Click here for a how to video if you need help)

 STEP 3:
Let down the top layer of hair, brush it and continue to curl sections. My genius hair stylist Nadine Matar taught me the trick that if you start the curl at slightly different heights it gives you a much more natural look when you’re done!

 STEP 4:
The twist! A vital step to the curls forming the way you want. Gently curl each section around your finger in the same direction you curled it with the styler and let it lay like that. Don’t comb or brush those curls!

 STEP 5:
Spray the hell outta those new curls with a hair spray of your choice. I love Elnett!

 STEP 6:
My favorite part- Shake it out baby! Gently shake out the curls a little to make them look natural (Dance moves optional)

Please let me know if you have any tips and tricks for curling your hair in Summer.

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  1. Melissa
    25/06/2014 / 3:59 PM

    OMGGG your hair looks so pretty! The wand is meant to give this look but never works for me! Have you ever tried it? I have thick hair too.